Current position
Margaret Kennedy's picture Margaret Kennedy
Post-graduate associate

Ph.D. student in Scott Lowe lab, Sloan Kettering Graduate School of Biomedical Science

Previously: Post-graduate researcher

Tracy Knight's picture Tracy Knight, B.S.
Post-graduate associate

Tetrad PhD student, University of California San Francisco

Previously: Post-graduate researcher

Peiwei Liu's picture Peiwei Liu, Ph.D.
Associate Research Scientist

Previously: Associate Research Scientist

Ashikun Nabi's picture Ashikun Nabi, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral associate

Scientist I, Oncology, Berg Therapeutics

Previously: Post-doctoral associate

Kendall Oliver's picture Kendall Oliver
Undergraduate researcher

Assitant Clinical Research Coordinator, UCSD

Previously: Undergradute researcher, Yale College, class of 2021

Alice Tao's picture Alice Tao
Undergraduate researcher

MD student, Columbia University Medical School

Previously: Undergraduate researcher; Yale College, class of 2020