Welcome to the Breslow lab in the Department of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology at Yale University

  • We use functional genomic tools to dissect biological processes at the cellular and molecular level.
  • Our main focus is the mammalian primary cilium, a cellular structure that serves as a signal transduction center in development and disease.
  • Combining new screening technologies with biochemical reconstitution and cell-based microscopy assays, we are pursuing a range of questions at the interface of organelle biology, signal transduction and cell cycle control.


June 3, 2019
Tracy Knight has joined the lab as a post-graduate researcher!  Tracy just graduated from Brown with a B.S. in Biology and will be studying all things cilia.
May 2, 2019
Welcome to Shane, a new student in the lab!  Shane is a student in the Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics, and Development Ph.D. program at Yale. Before coming to Yale, Shane...
January 3, 2019
A review article co-authored by David and Andrew Holland is published online in Annual Reviews of Biochemistry.  In it we discuss the biogenesis of centrioles and cilia and...